Strategic Communications

There are a lot of definitions out there about strategic communications. Most of them are complicated, overwrought and will put you to sleep.

(Check out this Oxford Bibliographies definition)

At BluePrint, we view strategic communications simply:
Don’t just share information; drive behavior.

Get solid data and research. Frame the situation and objectives.  Define the narrative. Translate the story into easily digestible messages using appropriate language from effective messengers, platforms, or visuals aimed at the targeted audiences you want to connect with. Do this collaboratively, consistently and measure the results.

This approach allows you to shape the conversation, regardless of whether the goal is branding, promoting a cause, political persuasion, reputation management, policy education, recruiting employees, improving services or launching a new product.

Project Snapshot


During the 2017 legislative session, BluePrint worked closely with a team of lobbyists and technology experts to successfully generate public support for autonomous vehicles through the development and mobilization of a diverse stakeholder group. GM and BluePrint were successful in securing passage of a legislative measure to authorize the use of autonomous vehicles in Colorado.

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