Social Media

Everyone who interacts with the public seems to know they need social media.  They just aren’t sure why. 

At BluePrint, we can help you understand why you need to harness the power of social media and construct and implement a social media infrastructure that targets and engages your network with creative and data-driven content. 

We have found there are four overarching aspects of effective social media: 

Listen.  What is being said about you and your brand by potential customers, influencers, voters, competitors, constituents and reporters? And what conversations are going on about similar companies or individuals, specific topics, phrases, and keywords? Then, by tracking opinions, looking for patterns, determining what drives results and what content is most engaging, we can discover opportunities to expand your reach and influence. 

Content Creation. Seem obvious, right? But oftentimes, people use social media without thinking it through. They throw up random content, fail to target the right audience, misuse hashtags, get off topic or become too political, and sometimes, they appear tone deaf (see the Adidas 2017 email to marathoners with the subject line: “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!”). 

At BluePrint, we take the lessons learned from listening and apply them.  We won’t only talk about you, but when you do, we will share your story visually through video, graphics or livestreaming. We will share other people’s content, including leaders, voters and customers.  The messages will be tailored for different social platforms, and the content will involve interactive elements such as polls and surveys. 

Engage. Establishing a consistent and extensive social media presence provides multiple channels of responding to a crisis immediately.  It allows you to respond to misinformation put out by a competitor or reporter in real time. Instead of ignoring criticism, you can respond quickly, but thoughtfully. Perhaps most importantly, social media provides the opportunity to have a dialogue with those you are trying to educate, sway, or learn from.  

Activate.  Whether it’s a press conference, a fundraiser, an organizational milestone, or a cause, social media helps activate people quickly.  If it’s a cause, we can show people how to help. If it’s a campaign, we point them to the relevant information and donate button.  If it’s a piece of legislation and one legislator is holding up the process, we can apply soft pressure on Twitter.  If it’s a product, we can do an online survey.  If it’s an issue, we can run an online poll on Twitter or Facebook.

“Cathryn Roberts has a knack for identifying just the right posts, written in concise, plausible language. Her social media prowess is second to none: sound strategies; solid, well-written content; and a constant eye on the deadline.”

Katherin DockerillVice President of marketing at DHISCO, Inc.

Project Snapshots

Colorado Leads

BluePrint principals constructed a communications and outreach infrastructure for a new pro-business alliance created to help educate the general public about the economic and community benefits of a safe, regulated medical and recreational cannabis industry.

BluePrint assisted in creating the group’s brand and developing a logo, website, Twitter presence and e-newsletter.Colo

Additionally, BluePrint principals write Op-Eds and letters to the editor, create fact sheets, talking points and social media content and work with traditional media to further the industry’s message.