Quality and data-driven research  

Research establishes the foundation for every communications strategy. From obtaining baseline information to set the initial strategy to ongoing research measuring results and trends to overall evaluation and assessment of the communications strategy, research is key to testing assumptions, locating opportunities, monitoring progress and tracking the evolution of issues over time.  

At BluePrint, we have expertise in:  

  • Creating poll and survey questions and analyzing the results for effective messaging.
  • Evaluating legal and government documents to synthesize the information for a layperson and pulling out the most critical message points
  • Competitive research on candidates and political issues, including providing a narrative to help frame the results. 
  • Creating reports and white papers. 
  • Analyzing legislation and policy reports with an eye towards messaging and implications to a broader audience.
  • Scrutinizing data-driven breakdowns of trends, industries, demographics, and consumer data.
  • Generating story ideas and locating the data and information supporting the story for reporters. 
  • Monitoring ongoing trends in traditional and social media to provide our clients with the most effective communication methods for their target audience.