Policy and Political Insight

Knowing the public policy and political landscape is critical for identifying risks and opportunities. Whether you are a private company, a government agency, or a nonprofit, understanding the impact of passed or proposed legislation, the local and national political dynamics, the regulatory environment and the social fabric of your community are integral factors in making complex decisions.

Immersed in a wide range of issues including education, transportation, energy, health care, and more, we understand the complexity of the issues facing the West – urban population growth and rural decline, shifting demographics, affordable housing, water, education funding, and clogged roadways, to name a few. We have extensive experience with elected officials, regulatory boards, policy makers, and voters to help build relationships and guide constructive conversations. Additionally, we have first-rate research and analytical skills that help develop strategy to support legislative initiatives, manage regulatory processes, and develop public support for initiatives.

Project Snapshots

Autonomous Vehicles

During the 2017 legislative session, BluePrint worked closely with a team of lobbyists and technology experts to successfully generate public support for autonomous vehicles through the development and mobilization of a diverse stakeholder group. GM and BluePrint were successful in securing passage of a legislative measure to authorize the use of autonomous vehicles in Colorado.

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