Karen Crummy


Karen Crummy brings a diverse background and two decades of communications experience to her clients. Karen specializes in strategic communications and message development.

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Cinamon Watson


Cinamon Watson brings a rich background and nearly two decades of communications and public affairs experience to her clients.

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Jennifer Webster


Jennifer Webster is an accomplished government and public affairs strategist.

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JD Key an experienced political advisor, who specializes in everything from campaign strategy and management to grassroots organizing to stakeholder and government outreach.

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Cathryn Roberts leads BluePrint Strategies’ social media efforts.

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After earning her law degree, Karen worked as a civil rights and criminal attorney before shifting her focus to journalism. As an award-winning reporter with The Boston Herald and The Denver Post, Crummy developed a reputation as one of the West’s most tenacious political and investigative journalists.

Karen’s tenure as a lawyer and reporter provides her clients with a unique perspective on both offensive and defensive strategies. She has successfully developed communication plans for a range of issues, campaigns, and crisis situations and has mastered the art of tracking opposition groups and their funding.

Prior to founding Blueprint Strategies, Karen was the Communications Director for CRED (Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development), a multi-year campaign created to educate the public about energy development. She also simultaneously directed communications for a political issue committee backed by the oil and gas industry and pro-business groups to fight anti-energy ballot measures.

In both capacities, Karen developed, executed and managed a cohesive, interactive communications infrastructure across a broad and diverse network of consultants, employees, industry, business leaders and activist groups.

Karen received her B.A. and M.A. from the University of Colorado and her J.D. from the University of San Francisco School of Law. She is also an expert in all things related to Thomas the Train. Karen and her young son, Sam, make their home in Denver.


Cinamon Watson specializes in strategic communications, media relations, political and policy insight, and campaign management. Her rich background and nearly two decades of experience brings a unique and invaluable skillset to her clients.  She has sharpened her skills on the campaign trail, in the board room and in the halls of government working for a diverse list of candidates, policy issues, and corporate brands.

Although she calls Colorado home, Cinamon is a native of the South – as evidenced by her taste in music, food, and the occasional “y’all.” The combination of western grit and southern diplomacy serves her clients well. Cinamon can uncover the beauty in hidden gems, find a path to victory when others walk away, and spot a small detail that may make or break a strategy. She never shies away from a challenge, and she is not afraid to give her clients sage advice.

Recognized as the “utility player” on Team BluePrint, Cinamon moves seamlessly between strategic communication and stakeholder engagement endeavors. She also delights in anything demanding creativity from designing the annual Christmas card to developing innovative communications tools and product launches. She regularly provides commentary on the Colorado political climate and even moderated one of dozen gubernatorial debates in 2018.

Working in high-stake political campaigns has conditioned Cinamon to meet tight deadlines, thrive under pressure, develop thick skin and master crisis situations. From allegations of draft-dodging to active shooter situations to weather delays, she has battled political rumors, navigated catastrophe and managed last-minute challenges for candidates, corporations, government agencies, and policy initiatives. Known for being “unflappable,” she strives to fulfill Ernest Hemingway’s description of courage – grace under pressure.

Cinamon was recently named among Colorado Politics’ Top Capitol Influencers and has received numerous professional accolades and recognition. In 2016, National Journal recognized Congressman Mike Coffman’s race as one of the top campaigns the nation. “Coffman had a political all-star team working on his campaign, led by campaign manager Cinamon Watson,” observed the Journal. She has also won acclaim for various communication tactics that have been named as finalists on several occasions by Campaign & Elections’ Reed Awards. 

Cinamon has also has experience being President. Or playing one, anyway. As she happens to be the same height as one former President – she has literally stood in for a President. Though it was only to measure podium height on the campaign trail in Iowa.

A graduate of the University of Colorado, Cinamon is an active member of the community and serves on several boards and regularly volunteers. She is an avid sports fan and enjoys globe-trotting, all things art, a good book, and skiing. As fly-fishing was a key component of her marriage vows, she and her husband also spend a fair amount of time on the river. When the stress of life reaches a tipping point, you can find Cinamon hanging out in an art museum staring at one of her favorite paintings. In addition to achieving world peace, her life goal is be the best aunt ever to her three amazing, talented nieces and hard-charging nephew.


Jennifer began her career on Capitol Hill and honed her skills working in all levels of government and in a range of industry boardrooms. Jennifer counts an impressive number of wins among her many professional successes including the passage of statewide transportation funding measures and delivery of major, multi-billion energy projects. Jennifer specializes in developing effective public affairs strategies.

Known for her ability to build successful coalitions, develop strategic community support, and guide clients through difficult issues, Jennifer brings a wealth of government and community relations expertise to the team. Prior to founding Blueprint Strategies, Jennifer was the Manager of Government and Public Affairs for Pioneer Natural Resources – a large, independent oil and gas company. She previously served as Manager of Government and Public Affairs for Pioneer Natural Resources, and managed the Policy and Government Relations Division at the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Jennifer serves on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Petroleum Association (CPA), the Western Energy Alliance Advisory Board (WEA), and is a founding member of both the Colorado Chapter of the Women’s Energy Network, and “Women in Energy,” a networking consortium of professional women in the energy sector that includes over 1300 members.

Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. She and her family make their home in Centennial, CO.

JD's political and non-profit work have launched him into different states across the country, managing projects, recruiting candidates, building coalitions and mobilizing people at the grassroots level.

Prior to coming to BluePrint, JD was Political Director for U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman’s successful but hard-fought 2016 re-election campaign in the 6th Congressional District.   During the race, JD oversaw a successful multi-county voter contact effort.  He also coordinated with national, state and local party organizations on messaging, events and campaign strategy.

As a political and policy jack-of-all-trades, JD has served as a congressional aide, a state legislative aide and a liaison with chambers of commerce, economic development partnerships and service organizations. He has a deep understanding of the unique political makeup of Colorado and the similarities and differences among voters on a county-by-county basis.

A proud Montrose native with a big personality and a quick sense of humor, JD does his best work interacting with people. From elected officials, to government and nonprofit representatives to the man or woman on the street, JD has the rare skill of finding a way to connect with almost anybody.

After graduating from Franklin & Marshall College during the Great Recession with a bachelor’s degree in economics, no less, she shifted her focus to entrepreneurialism and social media marketing. She has since managed a diverse portfolio of luxury real estate, hospitality, technology, travel, healthcare and cause-related marketing accounts, developing content, generating reports and providing daily management. 

Cathryn is also the founder and owner of liverideapp.com, a platform for sharing geotagged adventure videos. Prior to launching the website, she built an audience of over 200,000 on social media to test the concept and develop the brand. Her objective is to make LiveRide the go-to place for adventure travelers to find new experiences and book trips.