Media relations 

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but traditional media is shrinking. Newsrooms are short-staffed, stories are often half the length they once were, and well, communication through traditional press releases seem as outdated as rotary phones.  

But that doesn’t mean earned media isn’t critically important. It’s still viewed as the most credible method to inform the public in a positive, consistent and reliable manner. 

But because of the challenges faced in the media, personal relationships with print reporters, bloggers, radio and TV personalities are more important now than ever before. And unlike ten years ago, there are multiple opportunities to advance your organization, reputation, event or cause. 

When we create your story, we do so with an eye towards the various ways it could be presented. Some stories are best for niche outlets on the web. Others are better told in mainstream daily newspapers. If parts of your story lend itself to visuals, TV may be your best bet.  And we know who to approach to get that story out and how to train people in your organization how to be the best spokespeople.

Additionally, we believe every brand should also be their own media outlet so you don’t have to rely on someone else to get noticed.  Your events can be streamed live on Facebook. YouTube videos can be used for testimonials or short films. Many news outlets now permit publication of sponsored news articles.  

There are so many options out there to tell and show your story, why focus on just one?

Project Snapshots

Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development (CRED)

BluePrint principals serve in a primary external communications role in support of a multi-year education campaign related to oil and gas development in the state.  In this capacity, the BluePrint team created a comprehensive communications plan and capitalized on their strong relationships with media outlets statewide.

In addition, BluePrint also creates content for collateral materials, website information, fact sheets, social media outreach and blog posts. Learn more at