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Jennifer Webster


For as long as she can remember, Jennifer has loved doing puzzles and solving mysteries.  A career as a police detective would have seemed like the right track for Jennifer, but because she has the athletic ability and coordination of a newborn baby giraffe, there is no way she could have passed the fitness tests.  Instead, Jennifer chose the next best thing – a career in government and public affairs, where she can advise clients on how best to connect the dots, put the pieces together, find common denominators and anticipate the ending.

Jennifer began her professional career as a connector on Capitol Hill and honed her mystery-solving skills working in all levels of government, in the world of non-profits, and in a range of industry boardrooms.  She counts an impressive number of wins among her many professional successes including the passage of statewide transportation funding measures and delivery of major, multi-billion energy and transportation infrastructure projects.

One of her proudest professional achievements as a connector is the creation of BluePrint Strategies, a full service public affairs firm that she started with two partners in 2016.  At BluePrint, Jennifer continues to refine her skills at solving puzzles by identifying the best solutions to public affairs challenges on behalf of her clients – whether the goal is a public education effort, stakeholder outreach campaign, advancing an infrastructure project or helping a client navigate complex regulatory processes.

Known for her ability to build successful coalitions, develop strategic community support, and guide clients through difficult issues, Jennifer has been able to bring a wealth of government and community relations expertise to the clients of BluePrint.

In her previous experience, Jennifer directed government and public affairs in the west for Pioneer Natural Resources – a large, independent oil and gas company. She also worked in the non-profit sector as Senior Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and in the public sector as Director of the Policy and Government Relations Office at the Colorado Department of Transportation and Secretary to the Colorado Transportation Commission.

Jennifer is also a proud graduate of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and when she is not annoying people around her during football season with her off-key renditions of “Hail to the Victors”, she annoys people close to her by predicting the ending of movies or books and calling out and ruining the fun for them.  Again, with the puzzle solving…..