About BluePrint Strategies, LLC

We have decades of experience at every level of government, on the campaign trail and in the newsroom, boardroom and courts of law. This relationship network provides our foundation for moving public opinion, educating stakeholders, influencing policymakers, raising profiles and guiding clients through difficult times.

Resourceful and creative problem-solvers, we have successfully tackled the public policy, political and community issues underlying everything from taxes and transportation to education and energy. And we have delivered our clients’ messages across conference tables and at town halls, in the newspaper and through social media, and by snail mail and phone calls.

Whatever the message, we know the people and speak the language.

The BluePrint Difference

The combination of strategic communications, political savvy, and public outreach is the BluePrint “secret sauce” and it’s the single most important quality to ensuring the successful delivery of results in any campaign or education effort we undertake. We have decades of experience in these areas and we pool our talents to develop and execute a tailor made “blueprint” to fit your needs.

  • Strategic Communications

  • Stakeholder Outreach

  • Public and Policy Insight

  • Social Media

  • Media Relations

  • Brand Management

  • Crisis Communications

  • Community Engagement

  • Government Relations and Advocacy

  • Campaign Management

  • Research

About… YOU!

The number one rule in effective communications and outreach is having a compelling story to share.

And a lot of consultants spend their time talking about their story – what they have done in the past and how that can help you in the future. They use clichés, mixed metaphors and business jargon, promising access to thought leaders and influencers and helping you both drill down and see things at a 30,000-foot level – all while thinking outside the box to create a paradigm shift. They will leverage, reach out, micro-target, open the kimono and create synergy.  And if need be, they will circle back and take the conversation offline.

That’s not our blueprint. We want to hear your story…

Your strengths and weaknesses, current and future challenges, what has worked and what hasn’t, why the time is right now to do something and your overall personal or business priorities. Maybe you don’t know what you need. Maybe it turns out what you think you need is misplaced. Maybe you only need a little guidance and not a major organization overhaul. But without knowing your story, we can’t help you make decisions on what is most effective and efficient for your company or organization.  

No two clients are the same. Your needs, expectations, personality, and timeline are unique.  Your story is the only one of its kind, and it deserves to be heard. 

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